Writing Journal

This week has been more productive in terms of writing than any week since NaNo, and even more than some of those.  I started a short story that I have decided I will end up incorporating into a series of them called "Merry Band of Roommates," based mostly off my current set and including some from the past.  I'm going to transplant my grandparent's five bedroom farmhouse to the edge of the metro we currently live, which will give us more space and remove some of the personal tension and allow me to fantasize a little bit more.

Perhaps just as importantly, I've perfected a YouTube playlist for writing.  It's about an hour long, and is generic enough for me to apply to just about any project I'm writing on.  Prose, anyway.  Poetry for me is more of an out of doors experience.  Which reminds me, my aunt's favorite contemporary poet recently passed and one of my college professors shared a poem of hers about geese that I should share on my aunt's wall.
But, first, my playlist, for any who are wondering.

"Write Like the Wind (George R.R. Martin)" by Geek & Sundry
"Storytime" by Nightwish (official music video by Nuclear Blast Records)
"Write Like the Wind (George R.R. Martin)" by Geek & Sundry (will likely reposition)
"Don't Think Just Run (Official Lyric Video)" by Beth J Crowley
"The Dance of Cossack Girl with a Sword..." by jagan kurra
"Moondance" by Nightwish (video by Jaysong14)
"Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise" by The Avett Brothers
"Bohemian Rhapsody (piano accompaniment)" by Antonality
"Wither (official music video)" by Dream Theater
"In Me Lyrics" by Casting Crowns (video by Dance74Him)
"Brave (Lyric Video)" by Sara Bareiles
"The Answer Lies Within" by Dream Theater (lyrics video by countrymusicluver32(
"Somedays You Write the Song" by Guy Clark (video by disgrymmness)
"Feel It Turn (Video)" by Great Big Sea
"Something Beautiful" by Great Big Sea (video by Tom F)

Update: I'm listening to the playlist, and realizing I don't want to write.  I've been reading some old poems of mine.  I also just realized that the "shuffle" option on YouTube plays each song more than once because "Write Like the Wind" just showed up for a third time.  (I know it's on there twice.)  Which means that I ought to go through and randomize it a little bit so that it sounds like a variety to my ears.  And, as much as I like the lyrics of Guy Clark's contribution, I'm not a fan of the song in general.  Doesn't work well as a writing soundtrack.

It feels good to move my fingers on the keyboard, so at least I have that going for me.  But the brain, the imagination part, doesn't want to work right now.  Perhaps the next Givling hour, I ought to try and take a short walk.  Partly to get my body up and moving, since I have not done much of that the past few days.  But also, and perhaps just as importantly, to get my imagination going.  There's a scene I want to play out.  Maybe I'll start a different MBR story because I'm feeling a little stuck on the one I started.  I'll try that for the rest of the soundtrack.  Problem is, which one.....just kidding...I know.


Writing Journal

This is me coming to dedicate myself to more creative writing in 2019.

As I mentioned in my personal blog, the creative side in me has died a little bit, and I think it's due to the full time desk work.  I miss the conservative hippie me.  The one who would wear something other than jeans or sweats and t-shirts as casual wear.  The one who would write poems, or just always have a writing utensil and surface to jot lines.  The one who would read stories and poems to hear trends and ideas.  The one who would listen to music instead of just staring at a screen.  Good music, varied music.  The one who would sometimes create music.

I miss her.

And I am bound and determined to get her back.  God needs her for something, and He needs her skills honed for whatever that may be.  Time's a wasting.

So, this is me, dedicating myself to typing at least one hour a day, and spending time not just looking for literary magazines, but reading them.  Spending time at the library.

This means finding stable PT work that can support me, and leaving FT work for one employer in the dust.  I cannot for the life of me find the Utah Philips quote I am searching for, but it's one that essentially says "The life of my brain is the only life I have, and why would I hand that life over to someone else for eight hours a day on the expectation that they would return it to me in an unmutilated condition?"

Anyway, that's motivating the life change I'm being secretive about until it's too late for anyone to give me advice I wouldn't take even if it was good.


Writing Journal

Got my library card tonight!
Because tonight's write in is at the local library I've been meaning to stop in and visit since I got my newly addressed driver's license in August.

Feeling blocked, though.  And tired.  I'm not even halfway through.  I'm not even at 20k.  I was hoping to be tonight, but I'm just feeling that the whole thing is stagnant.  I want Rose to spend more time in New York, but I also want her to have more time.  More time to do more with her life.  I guess I'm going to have to cut out her trip abroad, unless maybe she takes a short one with Bella.

Crap.  I'm kind of writing a clean version of Summer Sisters, a Judy Blume book that my mom bought for me without vetting it.  At least, I thought so.  After reading, or starting to read, something she recommended to me once, I'm not so sure anymore.  So much smut.

Anyway, I can't figure out what I want to happen next to my character.  I feel like she's ready to go back to the Midwest, but I'm not ready for her to leave Mona.  I'm also not ready for her sister-in-law to die, either.  That's what my original catalyst was for her to move back, but now I'm not so sure.  Maybe now it could be that Mona dies.  I think that works better.  Then she can live with her dad and unofficial stepmom until her sister-in-law dies.

Craaaaapppp!!!  I love Mona!  I don't want her to die, but I don't think I've written enough about her to make her death meaningful to readers.  Looks like I'll be taking a poddy break and working on that while I sort things out.


Writing Journal

I finally broke 10k on my NaNo today!
And I'm ready for bed now.  Only had 5k iU of Vitamin D and forty minutes of light therapy.
I also realized that I do better in the mornings at work if I've been up and working towards alert for a while. I'll probably do one more sprint.  Maybe try and get to a word count goal.  At least half of the "write this many words per day to finish on time" goal.  Which works out to writing until my total is 12,078. Ish.  Maybe 11,078.  That seems less intimidating. 

Until then, I'm going to do things like go to the bathroom, spin my Givling, and pack my lunch for tomorrow.  (We're at a pizza place.  I got a 10" so I don't have to do anything for it tomorrow.)

My MC is still at home.  She hasn't graduated high school yet.  Her brother hasn't got married and had kids, she hasn't finished her culinary degree in New York, her sister in law hasn't died, her best friend hasn't gotten married....She hasn't gotten married or divorced.  I keep getting caught up in being wordy about each scene.

Whatever.  I've made a new friend who told me about a website that provides an opportunity to write stories for money.  Hoping I can do that well enough that I can get by working part time and afford insurance on my own.  Or finding some place that offers insurance to it's part time employees.  Because I doubt I'm going to find a husband with such benefits at this stage of my life.


Writing Journal

Still plugging along at NaNo.  Still haven't hit 10k yet.  Facebook memories tells me that some years, I've been only at 2k at this point but have been at 20k other years. 

I ain't too worried.  I'll be able to make more write ins this week, which always help my word count.  Hoping to be at 40k by the time I head to Wisconsin for the holiday, which falls early this year.  I'll have the full four days off, but will use all of them to travel.  Might come up with some ideas, but probably won't write them.

Hoping this hangnail and torn nail problem can stop happening.  Bring it on in December.

I've developed a knack for missing NaNo Word Sprints on Twitter.  One just started.  Adios.