Writing Journal

I recieved the most wonderful compliment yesterday (Sunday)! I was attending church with a friend (same denomination, different congregation) and someone I used to visit teach came up to me and told me how much she has enjoyed reading the articles that I've had published on millenialmormons.org. The best compliments are those that are unsolicited.

A link to my latest post there: http://www.millennialmormons.com/anne-iverina-pedersdatter/


Writing Journal

Hey guys, I'm famous!
haha...well, kind of.
Through a pretty good friend of mine, I became acquainted with a gentleman by the name of Blake. Less than a year ago, he and a friend of his co-founded a website called Millenial Mormons, which has become pretty well read. My first contribution to the site was a piece on being refined by Seasonal Affective Disorder, and I was glad to do it.

When I ran into Blake at a New Year's party, he solicited me for more articles, which blew me away. Especially considering that my conversation with him was less than two full minutes. Between that and my branch president's encouragement to develop my literary talents, I felt a kick in the pants. Not a swift one, mind you, but a kick nonetheless. I made a sort of unofficial goal to submit an article every month for the site. I have since submitted three, and they've published two. (I can't fault them for not publishing the third, as I composed it rather hastily.) I also have two ideas on deck, but they definitely need work before I send them out.

Here's an image of both articles being featured on their home screen, which is quite the feather in my cap.


Writing Journal

Long story short, I've failed NaNoWriMo this year.

I'm only recording my excuses/reasons so I can do my best to not repeat them.

1. I didn't prep as well as I needed to in October. This includes my outline and my writing space(s).
2. I got off to a slow start. I let a few consecutive days go by without writing.
3. I got sick. A nasty cold knocked me out for about 5 full days. It probably only would have been 2 or 3 were I in a position to call sick to work.
4. I didn't set word count goals or a reward system. This probably falls under not planning well.
5. I didn't create a support base. At best, 5 people I come face to face with knew about my challenge. No one was asking me how I was doing or telling me they wanted to read it when I was done. Which is sad, because I might actually have let them with this one.


Writing Journal

Well, I've started thinking about NaNo for this year. I recently moved to a place that is 90 minutes from any WriMo region, which means I'm equally viable in the Nebraska: Omaha, Lincoln, or Elsewhere regions. Since I have a few remaining ties to Sioux City, I'd probably get along there, too, since it falls into that 90 minute web. 

My point in explaining all that isn't to showcase the "where do I want to pledge my allegiance" question, but because the Municipal Liaison (captain) who led both the Lincoln and Elsewhere regions has bowed out for this year. She'll still be participating, but I guess being President of the Nebraska Writer's Guild, managing a bakery, and going through chemo is a bit much. So they're looking. For someone. And I'll admit: I'm tempted. 

Also, I'm preparing my fourth church-related speaking assignment since November. It'll be my first time speaking with interpreters for Spanish-speaking members of the congregation. 


Writing Journal

Once again, I have something that gives me experience in my desired field of editing. A friend of mine is starting a web page, and I've volunteered as a managing editor. I'll provide the link as soon as the site kicks off. I may even kick out a few posts for them, although I'm not as issue-charged as the rest of the staff seems to be. Which is probably a good thing. I'm only in it for the proofing, anyway.