Reading Journal

I did something today I never thought I would do: I bought Scholastic books!

The book fairs were always too expensive for us, so I ended up getting a lot of trinkets and having a good time window shopping.  However, the other day a friend of mine posted to facebook that the Scholastic Book warehouse in our metro area (didn't even know we had one, honestly) was having a BOGO sale.  HMA had the day off, and HMS was up early enough to go out and do things.  They had the idea to go garage saleing, and I said "Let's make it a threesome." 

Our garage sales were a bit of a bust, but I remembered the Scholastic sale, so we went there and made BANK!  It spurred a renaissance of reading for me.  I want to plow through the books with markers currently in them so that I can get to some of the amazing ones that I bought today.  Still need to add them to my goodreads and shelve them.

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