Writing Journal

Got my library card tonight!
Because tonight's write in is at the local library I've been meaning to stop in and visit since I got my newly addressed driver's license in August.

Feeling blocked, though.  And tired.  I'm not even halfway through.  I'm not even at 20k.  I was hoping to be tonight, but I'm just feeling that the whole thing is stagnant.  I want Rose to spend more time in New York, but I also want her to have more time.  More time to do more with her life.  I guess I'm going to have to cut out her trip abroad, unless maybe she takes a short one with Bella.

Crap.  I'm kind of writing a clean version of Summer Sisters, a Judy Blume book that my mom bought for me without vetting it.  At least, I thought so.  After reading, or starting to read, something she recommended to me once, I'm not so sure anymore.  So much smut.

Anyway, I can't figure out what I want to happen next to my character.  I feel like she's ready to go back to the Midwest, but I'm not ready for her to leave Mona.  I'm also not ready for her sister-in-law to die, either.  That's what my original catalyst was for her to move back, but now I'm not so sure.  Maybe now it could be that Mona dies.  I think that works better.  Then she can live with her dad and unofficial stepmom until her sister-in-law dies.

Craaaaapppp!!!  I love Mona!  I don't want her to die, but I don't think I've written enough about her to make her death meaningful to readers.  Looks like I'll be taking a poddy break and working on that while I sort things out.

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